Gastronomic tourism

Ο γαστρονομικός τουρισμός είναι ένα είδος τουρισμού όπου κυριαρχεί η κουλτούρα της τοπικής κουζίνας και οι ταξιδιώτες αναζητούν γαστρονομικές εμπειρίες, μοναδικές σε κάθε τόπο.

Gastronomic tourism is a kind of tourism dominated by the local cuisine, while travelers seek unique gastronomic experiences that characterize each destination.It is a new trend in global tourism. According to a research carried out by the World Tourism Organization, 44% of the travelers around the world view the local gastronomy of a place as a prevalent factor for their choice of destination.

Greece has a rich variety of products and a vast collection of traditional recipes. Moreover, theMediterraneancuisine follows a healthy diet the benefits of which are obvious and validated by scientists. Nonetheless, the gastronomic tourism is not well developed in Greece and it cannot compete with Italy, Spain and Portugal.