10th Panhellenic Logic Symposium

June 11-15, 2015 Samos, Greece


Travel and Accomodation Information

The 10th Panhellenic Logic Symposium will take place in the Multimedia Amphitheater of the University of Aegean, located in the basement of the building of Provatari.

How to get to Samos

By plane:

There are daily flights from Athens airport(55 minutes) and Thessaloniki airport(65 minutes) by Olympic Air, Aegean Airlines and Astra Airlines. You can also fly into Samos from other Greek islands such as Chios, Rhodes, Mytilini, Heraklion or Limnos with Sky Express and many other Airlines. You can visit www.europe-airports.com to find useful arrival and departure information. From May till October charter airlines fly directly to Samos from several European airports. Air Berlin flies from many airports in Germany and from Austria and Switzerland; Jetairfly flies from Belgium; SmartWings flies from Czech Republic; Transavia flies from the Netherlands; Thomson Airways flies from the UK.

For more information have a look at


and many other search engines to find cheap flights.

There also are several international  airports in Turkey near Samos, like Izmir Airport and Bodrum Airport, that are flown to by low cost airlines.

By ship:

The principal port of Samos is at Vathi, also called Samos. The other two ports are Karlovassi and Pythagoreion. Ferries from Piraeus and the Cyclades usually stop at both Vathi and Karlovassi. There's a daily overnight ferry, the 'Nisos Mykonos' to Karlovassi and Vathy from from Piraeus (stopping at Syros, Mykonos and Ikaria). Hydrofoils to the Dodecanese islands depart regularly from Vathi and Pythagorion. Samos is also connected with all the islands of the North Aegean and the Dodecanese islands once a week through the shipping route from Alexandroupoli to Rhodes. Finally, Samos is connected on a daily basis more or less throughout the year with the port of Kusadasi in Turkey with two Greek and two Turkish boats. The trip takes two hours and costs 35 euros one-way. Ferries depart at 8:30AM and 5:30PM. In low season, one ferry only departing Kusadasi at 8:30AM and returning from Samos at 4:30PM.

FERRY-BOAT SERVICES on June 2015 (Nisos Mykonos, Nisos Rodos or Ariadne ferries of Hellenic Seaways)

From Kavala and Chios to Karlovassi(Nisos Mykonos)
Departure: June 6, 21.30 hours and June 13, 21.30 hours
Arrival: Next day 13.30 hours
From Vathy (the capital of Samos) to Chios and Kavala
Departure: June 15, 23.30 hours(Nisos Rodos) and June 20, 17.30(Ariadne)
Arrival: Next Day
From Piraeus to Karlovassi
Departure: June 9, 20.00 hours(Blue Star 1), and June 12(Nisos Mykonos), 16.00 hours
Arrival: early morning on the following day
From Karlovassi to Piraeus(Nisos Mykonos)
Departure: June 14 , 15 and June 17, 18.30 hours
Arrival: early morning on the following day

If you would like to come with your car to Samos Island, you have to choose as point of departure one of Piraeus, Kavala or Chios ports. In case you take the boat from Tsesme port (Turkey) to Chios port (Greece) you have to stay one night (June 6 or June 13) at Chios Island and then get on "Myconos" ferry-boat on the next day (June 7 or June 14 respectively) to come to Karlovassi (Samos). The ship departs at 9.50 a.m from Chios. You can travel back to Chios island at June 15 or June 20 from Vathy, Samos, but maybe you have to stay again one night in Chios if you plan to take the ferry back to Turkey (early next morning). From Chios to Tsesme and reversely there are many boats and catamarans every day. The port of Kusadasi (Turkey) is very near to Samos and there are many departures in both diirections every day but in this case you have to leave your car at the port of Kusadasi.

How to get to the venue

From the airport:

Take a taxi to Karlovassi, the fare is about 50 euros. The organizers will try to provide free transportation for participants before the beginning and after the end of the symposium. Please check regularly for updates.

From Vathi:

Take a taxi or the intercity coach to Karlovassi.  The coach fare costs under 17 euros. Information on the exact hours of service between Vathi and Karlovassi will be announced later. Please check regularly for updates.

If you travel to Samos by boat, check whether you can get off at Karlovassi. Distances from the port of Karlovassi to hotels are small, so taking a taxi will cost about 5 euros (the cost will be higher only if you carry a lot of luggage).


The following is an incomplete list of hotels recommended by the organizers (in random order):
Amanda Hotel (city center), Samaina Inn Hotel (by the sea), Anema (by the sea), Merope Hotel (city center), Samaina Port Hotel (at the port), Aegeon Hotel (city center). The organizers will try to achieve special prices for the PLS participants. For more information please visit the hotels page(click on the word hotels to redirect).

Below you can find Google maps of the city of Karlovassi and the island of Samos.
  • Map of Karlovassi

View Karlovassi in a larger map

  • Map from Airport (Pythagoreio) to Karlovassi via Vathi

View Airport - Karlovassi in a larger map

Samos: A beauty revealed

The island of Pythagoras offers visitors the opportunity to discover little-known corners of heaven on earth.

Towns & villages

The seafront of Vathi, the island's capital town, is ideal for a relaxing afternoon stroll, and the streets of the 16th-century Old Town (Ano Vathi) take visitors back in time. In the early 20th century, Karlovasi, the second largest town of the island, was one of the biggest industrial centers of the Aegean. The ruins of the tannery buildings near the beach witness the glorious past. The villages of Pythagorion and Kokkari have quite a cosmopolitan ambience, while the smaller ones - Pyrgos, Lekka, Kastania, Platanos, Pagontas and Spatharaio -  offer peace and quiet and have remained unchanged for centuries. Near Pythagorion, the Heraion (the temple of goddess Hera) was one of the biggest temples in ancient Greece. Visitors to the island's archaeological museums of Pythagorion and Vathi can admire ancient figurines, impressive ceramic and bronze objects, and the famous colossal statue, Kouros.

Where to swim

Samos has beaches with amenities, such as Tsamadou, Tsabou, Lemonakia, Potokaki and Psili Ammos as well as wild beaches, including Mikro (small) and Megalo (large) Seitani near Karlovasi, where visitors might catch a glimpse of Mediterranean monk seals, who still live nearby.

Samos beaches

Where to eat and drink

Tuck into home-made food at Dionysos restaurant and Megalo Kafene taverna in Karlovasi. Chrysopetro at Marathokampos serves fine Mediterranean cuisine. Enjoy traditional dishes at Nenedes taverna in Ampelos. In Ano Vathi, you'll find Ourania Michelli's exceptional restaurant. Esperos Light on Mpalos beach serves coffee, cocktails, beers and grilled meat. Make sure you try the island's famous wines. According to myth, it was Dionysos himself who taught Samians the art of wine-making. Visitors of the Samos Wine Museum can learn about and try the numerous varieties.

Samos outdoors

Samos countryside combines beautiful Christian monasteries with breathtaking scenic diversity: shady oaks, pine trees that almost reach the sky, flowers, therapeutic herbs, olive groves, and vineyards. You should visit the waterfalls at Potami, outside Karlovasi, in a fairy-tale setting, and hike on the wild Kakoperato canyon ('bad passage' canyon) west of Karlovasi. You can stoop through the Efpalinio orygma (the tunnel of Eupalinos), built in the 6th century BC to serve as an aquaduct, or explore the cave of Pythagoras near Kampos (Pythagoras is said to have taken shelter in the cave, after he had an argument with the tyrant Polykratis, quite a long time ago). You can also find one of the last traditional shipyards at Agios Isidoros village.

Co-organized by the University of Aegean, the University of Crete and the University of Athens

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