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Brief description: QuickSpot is a word-spotting application, initially developed for the General State Archives records (GSA) of Samos, a Greek island, ex-autonomous regime under the suzerainty of the Ottoman Empire. The word spotting procedure is inspired by speech processing and it was introduced in Document Image Processing in order to facilitate the information retrieval in cases that the perfect results of OCR cannot be achieved. Those can be the cases e.g. of documents that are degraded or they include languages or symbols too rare to warrant to worth OCR training. In the case of historical documents both can happen at the same time. At the GSA of Samos lies the complete set of copies of the Government Gazette of the Principality of Samos from the first year of the registration (1894) until the end of the Principality of Samos regime (1912). The Gazette was the official organ of the Administration of the Principality of Samos and therein were published laws, decrees, circulars, court actions and deeds like auctions. Apart from this official part, at that time, were also published the speeches of the liege lords, the minutes of the General Assemblies of Plenipotentiaries (i.e. the local parliament) and short reports on various topics. In total, there is one volume per year (19 volumes) and the amount of pages can vary from 250 to 750 pages per volume. Nowadays, this material is the only existing full hard copy of this archive.

For detailed information download and read the article:

Nikos Vasilopoulos, Ergina Kavallieratou, A classification-free word-spotting system, IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging, pp. 86580F-86580F-10, 2013.

You can download the software here..

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