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Today is: 17th July 2018

Image Processing & Computer Vision Team

The Image Processing and Computer Vision is part of the Artificial Intellegence lab and our research interests include Image Processing, Historical Document Image Processing and Robotics. Research has been conducted and papers have been published related to the areas described above, and our group still continues to extend research and work with innovative ideas that are essential in the era of technology. The Image Processing and Computer Vision group offers courses for undergraduate students in Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition and Applications of Robotics. Moreover, it offers a graduate course in Image Processing and Computer Vision, that provides advanced knowledge about the topic to the students. On June 2013 the first International Document Image Processing School took place in Fournoi Islands, organized by our group. It was a 5-day workshop and offered seminars in Image Processing and Document Image Processing from basic to advanced level. E- learning is another source of knowledge and information related to our research. Someone can learn about Automatic Image Processing and Recovery of Historical Documents that consists of 4 units: Image Processing,Image Processing Historical Documents,Image Retrieval and Information Extraction, Content Recognition and Natural Language Processing. Finally, a starting area of our group is Robotics, a hot topic nowadays.

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