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Today is: 17th July 2018

Image Processing & Computer Vision

Course Code: 323-3252
Lecturer: Kavallieratou Ergina
External Website:
Semester: Spring Semester
ECTS: 7.5
Teaching Hours: 3
Course Type: Compulsory

Course Material

Digital Image, Color and Texture, Image Enhancement Techniques, Image Restoration, Noise, Image Segmentation, Edge Detection, Contour Identification and Description, Chain Code, Signature, Histogram and Histogram Moments, Spectral Description, Vision at intermediate level, Recognition, Vision at a high level, Stereo Imaging, Camera Calibration, Internet Applications.

Learning Outcomes

Specific issues: Acquaintance with basic computer vision terms, Acquaintance with image processing methodologies, Introduction to the current computer vision problems, Ability to understand the operational methodologies of the computer vision systems.
General Issues: Acquaintance with research, Practice on real problems, Learning of presenting and reporting research results.

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