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Today is: 17th July 2018

Greek Character DataBase

Brief description: GCDB is a complete database system for storing images of Greek unconstrained handwritten characters. The three elements that compose this database are: a specialized input form, a database that contains the images of the filled forms and the software that allows the extraction of the data from the form into the database and their retrieval. The main purpose of this database system is to make it possible to achieve the automatic storage and organization of images of Greek symbols and characters in view of their use by OCR (Optical Character Recognition) systems or other applications. The GCDB system is designed within the concept of future expansion, providing means of easy and fast insertion of data in the system, providing an up to date database of Greek handwritten characters to cover the growing demands for offline character recognition of the Greek language.

For detailed information download and read the article:

John Margaronis, Minas Christou, Ergina Kavallieratou, Theodoros Tzouramanis, "GCDB: A Character Database System", Proc. Of International Workshop on Multilingual OCR (MOCR), workshop of ICDAR 2009.

You can download the database in MS-Access format here..

You can also download the software to extract images from the database here..

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