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Today is: 17th July 2018

Programming Methodologies & Languages I

Course Code: 321-2103
Lecturers: Ergina Kavallieratou - Anastasia Douma
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Units (Weight): 0 (0.0)
Semester: 2
Teaching Hours: 4
Lab Hours: 2

Course Material

Object-oriented programming,Clasees,Object Orinented Analysis and Design,Objects,Recursion,Constructor, Destructor,Member Functions ,const Functions,Inline Functions,Complex Classes,Input/Output in C++,Output to file,Input from file,Control loops,Pointers,Memory Allocation, References,Derived class,Inheritance,Overriding,Overloading vs.Overriding,Virtual functions,Abstract classes,Polymorphism,Virtual Inheritance.

Learning Outcomes

The course aims to introduce object-oriented programming to the students using C++. It targets three areas; the student should be able to: 1) identify the potential classes and their structure from a brief description, 2) understand existing code, and 3) develop a system in C++.

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