Eleni-Constantina Davri

PhD Candidate


Eleni-Constantina Davri

E-mail: davrikon@aegean.gr

Eleni-Constantina Davri was born in Athens, in 1984. She received the 5-years Electrical and Computer Engineering Diploma in 2009 from University of Patras, Greece. Her thesis was an application performance testing of IP-Flow-Information-Export protocol used for network monitoring purposes”. She participated in Secure Communication training at Institute Eurecom in 2011. Currently, she is a PhD candidate at Information and Communication Systems Department of University of Aegean. Her research interests include design and evaluation of energy efficient network coding schemes with an emphasis on the impact to the performance at higher layers. Short range cooperative networking environments is another area of interest. She is also involved in GREENET project,working with NCSR “Demokritos” as a Marie-Curie Early-Stage-Researcher.

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