Eirini Karybali

Adjunct Lecturer



Irene G. Karybali received the Diploma degree in computer engineering and informatics, the M.Sc. degree in signal and image processing and the Ph.D. degree in image registration and image watermarking in 1999, 2001 and 2005, respectively, from the University of Patras, Patras, Greece.From 2002 to 2003, she was a researcher at the R&D department of the Research Academic Computer Technology Institute (RACTI). Currently, she is an Adjunct Lecturer at the Information and Communication Systems Engineering Department (ICSD), University of the Aegean, Samos Island, Greece. Her research interests include image watermarking and image registration. She is an active reviewer for several scientific journals and conferences.

Dr. Karybali is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece.

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